Cabinet of Natural History Annual Fungus Hunt 2014

Wild Mushrooms1 WildShrooms3 WildShrooms4 WildShrooms5 WildShrooms8 WildShrooms9 WildShrooms10 WildShrooms11 WildShrooms12 WildSHrooms13 WildShrooms15 WildShrooms16 WildShrooms17 WildShrooms18 WildShrooms21 Hunt3 Hunt4 Hunt5 Hunt6 Hunt7 Hunt8 Hunt9 Hunt10 Hunt11 Hunt12 Hunt13 WildShrooms6 WildShrooms7 WildShrooms22 IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3548 IMG_3550 IMG_3552 IMG_3555 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3561

Many thanks to Natalie Lawrence, Melanie Keene, and Harriet Rix for sharing their photos.



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